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Womens Retreat 2016

April 15-17, 2016, eight of our women attended the Pacific Region Southwest Women’s Retreat in Murietta Hot Springs.  We had a wonderful time of praise and worship led by Debbie Bell, Penny Eidem and Marilyn Erickson. There was uninterrupted time spent in the Word of God, alone and also with other women of our Region as we delved into the Psalms.  There were lovely centerpieces for each table and we were served delicious meals.  We not only enjoyed great food, but also much laughter and conversation.  The ‘talent night’ included an inspiring poem by Jackie Lynn, a lovely duet, and some very funny skits.  We are excited that two of our own, Renae Paulson and Mariann Vetrhus, will be serving as President and Secretary, for this next term.

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